Our lead product candidate, PT101, contains our engineered IL-2 mutein variant effector module fused to an Fc protein backbone. PT101 has shown a high degree of selectivity for Treg cells over conventional proinflammatory T cells and NK cells.

PT101 has been engineered to increase IL-2Rα affinity and also decrease IL-2Rß affinity, as shown in the graphic below. We believe our approach has resulted in a modified variant of IL-2 with potentially enhanced Treg cell selectivity beyond IL-2 muteins that rely only on N88 or similar mutations.

We are developing PT101 for subcutaneous administration for the treatment of a variety of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, with an initial focus on patients with ulcerative colitis. Pandion’s Phase 1 trial of PT101 is designed to assess the safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of PT101 after subcutaneous administration, and will also include measures of regulatory T cell expansion.


PT101 structure

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