The immune system normally exists in a self-regulating balanced state. In healthy individuals, self-reactive immune cells are regulated by immune control nodes such as regulatory T cells (Tregs) or inhibitory checkpoints including PD-1. In patients with autoimmune disease, there is an unchecked immune response and the immune system mounts an attack against the body.


Pandion leverages these natural immune regulatory mechanisms to re-balance the immune response. Our TALON™ approach combines our understanding of immune control nodes and our advanced protein engineering to discover, design and develop novel treatments for autoimmune diseases.

TALON™ Platform

Modular Approach: Enabled by our TALON Platform
Pandion’s Therapeutic Autoimmune reguLatOry proteiN (TALON) drug design platform has enabled the development of pipeline of product candidates for the treatment of autoimmune disease.

We start with immune effector modules that we engineer to mimic the action of immune control nodes. We can combine these effector modules with a protein backbone to act systemically, or in a bifunctional format with an antibody-based tissue-targeted tether module to concentrate the effector within a target organ.

We engineer our effector modules— the component of our molecules that deliver the biologic effect —to specifically activate regulatory control nodes in the immune network. To date, we are developing effectors that activate and expand regulatory T cells (Tregs), inhibit overactive conventional T cells (Tconv), and modulate the immune microenvironment.

Tissue-selective Tethers
Our modular approach can include the addition of tissue-selective tethers to our immunomodulators, enabling the concentration of an effector within a given tissue. With tissue-selective tethers, we can precisely deliver potent immunomodulators to the site of immune attack.
We believe that our ability to mix and match our libraries of immune effectors with our library of tissue-selective tethers will enable us to rapidly create an array of bifunctional molecules for localized delivery of the effector payload.

Modular Therapeutic Design
Using our TALON platform, we can design both systemic and tissue-targeted therapeutic candidates.

We can couple our effectors to a protein backbone to confer desired drug-like properties (e.g. half-life extension), resulting in a systemically active effector product candidate. We can also add a tether module in a bifunctional format designed to target a specific tissue.

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